What my clients have to say

Megan has been amazing. I have no idea what I would have done without her guidance. Not only did she start off as my most amazing Massage Therapist. She became my trusted Naturopath. Megan is fantastic at what she does. My doctors could not figure out what was wrong with me for years and once Megan began to treat me she picked up that I had an under active Thyroid as well as symptoms of PCOS. She has helped me through the most difficult times of my life. She helped me prep my body for pregnancy and now I have the most beautiful smart amazing little baby boy. I remember how much I texted Megan for advice during my pregnancy and after.
Thank you Megan you are just amazing. You always go above and beyond

Poonam Ghataura

went to see Megan as I had been suffering from Tennis elbow for many months and countless visits to the physio, along with exercises and also acupuncture didn't help at all. After a recommendation from a friend, I began 6 weeks of Bowen therapy with Megan and now 2 years later I still haven't had any issues at all with my arm. The proof is in the results! Thank you Megan, you are amazing and I would highly recommend your services to everyone.

Leslie Wiswman

I have know and have been getting regular massages from Megan for what must be 10 years now.
Megan is extremely good at what she does and is the type of person you immediately feel comfortable with smile emoticon:)
And I just love her little cabin which she works in.
Her knowledge when it comes to Naturopathy is amazing and she walks and lives the talk.
I always can't wait for my next session

Julie Neiuwhof

There may be many good massage therapists, and let me tell you that I am one who loves a good massage and have tried from Thai, Indonesian and Chinese, but Megan Infererra is definitely in the "Exceptional" category. Why am I certain of this? She has not only received my 5 star rating, but my husband, daughter and son-in-law have always praised her to be the best. Besides giving me a great massage, but also introduced the Flower Bach therapy and it works wonders! Megan is Truly exceptional and a great blessing!!

Geri Buck, Tapping

I first met Megan when she was working as an on-site masseuse at my work place in 2000. Due to the fact that I have had a bad back for all of my life, stemming from the fact I have no lumbar curve in my spine, I didn’t really like getting massages from people so I wasn’t expecting very much when Megan started working on me that day. About a minute in to the massage I felt my shoulders relax and the tension that was a constant through my back release and for the first time in my life I could feel my back and not just pain.
That was 11 years ago since then Megan has been my very own private miracle worker. I started attending her clinic and travelled all over Perth following her and have remained a client of hers through the years.

Now I see Megan alternatively between once a fortnight and once a month depending on my schedule and I continue to feel better and better every time I have seen her. Megan introduced some bowan therapy into my massages and that coupled with the already fantastic massage I was receiving has enabled me to walk out of her clinic and remain pain free for a longer amount of time.

I have had 23 years of being in chronic pain and some days not being able to get out bed because of that pain and I would recommend anyone with any form of pain in their body to come and see Megan and her amazing healing hands.

Therese Martinovich

Megan has been one of my health care team for several years now and her work is always excellent. Her very presence is calming - great when you are trying to address the effects of a much too stressful world. Great massages and naturopathic advice that is always useful.

Cheryl Wiltshire

After 6 weeks on my herbal treatment, I feel back to my old self again. Full of energy and feeling fantastic!!!!! Also the best massage I've ever had!! Thanks heaps to Megan for her treatment and sharing all her knowledge with me!

Susan Walker, Joondalup