Womens Health

For many years now I've been specialising in women's health,.

One of my main treatment plans is for women who suffer hormonal imbalances and can have symptoms such as a irregular menstrual cycle, poly cystic ovarian syndrome, endometriosis, behavioural and mood changes linked to the menstural cycle, hormonal acne and other skin complaints.

Other reason woman have been to see me is to help cope with stress and anxiety which can be linked to busy and stressful lives.  Mothers that are trying to juggle work and home life and can become overwhelmed with responsibilities.

Menopause is another area that I can help treat, we look at everything that can make the process a much easier experience for all women.  Including hot flushes, mood changes, vaginal dryness and weight gain.

 I also help women with preconception care, throughout pregnancy and postnatal care as well.  This is a particular area very close to my heart having had 2 children myself and had the experience of what women go through.   All the emotional ups and downs, the physical changes and also mental health changes as well.  I can help with choosing the right supplements that will help you and your baby thrive, also with pregnancy massage and bowen therapy we can help with those tired achy muscles.