Bowen therapy

Have you ever tried Bowen therapy?

As a Naturopath I have learnt to treat the body as a whole, so if someone came to me with a presenting symptom I look past that. For example, I will look at what you’re eating, your digestion, sleeping habits, this also includes alignment and balance of the body.  I feel very lucky to have had one of the best teachers in WA who taught me the original Bowen technique which has been changed over the years. 

Bowen therapy helps with this alignment by working on the bodies muscles to correct themselves.  By rolling over the fascia (soft tissue) of the muscle we trigger nerve impulses which send a message to the brain to tell the muscle to align itself naturally.  This form of body work is very different to massage and uses a small very gentle rolling technique with breaks in between moves.  The breaks are very important as they allow the body time to respond.

This therapy was developed by Tom Bowen in the 1950s who wanted a more natural approach to body work and getting it to heal itself rather the forcing it.

The treatment is so relaxing that many of my clients feel it’s almost like they go into a meditative state or even fall asleep.  The treatment can last from around 40 minutes to an hour.

Is very good at treating frozen shoulders, tennis elbow, sciatica pain, whip lash, headache, general tension, jaw tension, hip and lower back problems, wrist and thumb pain, carpal tunnel and RSI have benefitted from Bowen therapy. It has also helped with other problems such as anxiety and sleep disorders, reflux and digestive disorders, breathing problems, colic in babies and can be used as preventative therapy by keeping the body aligned.

So why not try Bowen therapy for yourself and see if it’s able to help you in more ways than one.

“I went to see Megan as I had been suffering from Tennis elbow for many months and countless visits to the physio, along with exercises and also acupuncture didn't help at all. After a recommendation from a friend, I began 6 weeks of Bowen therapy with Megan and now 2 years later I still haven't had any issues at all with my arm. The proof is in the results! Thank you Megan, you are amazing and I would highly recommend your services to everyone.”

Leslie Wiseman









Bowen Therapy

bowen therapy

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