10 ways to Boost Immunity

Posted by on 20 March 2020

This is really important time to be looking at ways to boost immunity.   I've been a Naturopath now for 14 years and have been treating peoples immune systems for years with herbal medicines and supplements with great success.  Here are 10 ways we can boost immunity. 

  1. Up your Vitamins.   Including Vitamin D and A.   Vitamin D is anti-viral and immune enhancing Vitamin A supports mucus membranes.   This is a good time to up these vitamins especially if you are an office worker or just don’t get much sunlight.


  1. Get some fresh air.  Getting out into the sun, breathing in the fresh air and just taking a moment to enjoy the outdoors.  Not only is this good for stress levels it’s helping up your vitamin D and lowering stress levels which will help your immune system.   If you can’t leave the house even just walking into your backyard, lying on the grass and soaking up some sun will help.


  1. Think herbal medicine.    As a herbalist I’ve been treating people immune systems with herbs for years, now is a good time if you’ve never tried herbs before to start.  Herbs like Echinacea, Olive Leaf, Astragalus, Elderberry, Andrographis etc.   It’s a good idea however not to self-prescribe as many herbs will interact with medicines and some cannot be taken if you have an illness, or condition so always best to check with your naturopath first.


  1. Don’t underestimate the power of drinking herbal teas, making bone broths, collagen and immune boosting food-based products.  I’m not one for giving multi-vitamins and I’ve always believed in real food to boost deficiencies.  Adding collagen formulas to smoothies is a great way to keep your gut healthy and immune system strong.   Also, there are many power food boosters out there which are great to add to your diet.  Think like your grandma and cook chicken soup from scratch!! Use food as medicine.


  1. Juice up!  Give your body a vitamin hit but juicing.  Juicing is a great way to get more vegetables into your diet and we all know that vegetables are filled with so many great amazing Vitamins and Minerals!  So, give your body a good boost.


  1. Keep your gut healthy with probiotics.  Gut health is so important for the immune system, a healthy immune system starts with a healthy gut.  Some medications, especially antibiotics and the contraceptive pill will kill off the good bacteria in your gut so it’s important to keep take them.   Plus, all this hand sanitising and antibacterial service wipes we are all using continuously now can kill off the good bacteria as well.   Probiotic are a really good way to keep your immune system healthy so stock up!!


  1. Keep your food and beverages clean and healthy.  If you are filling up on high sugar foods this will deplete nutrients from the body and junk food lowers immunity.   Eat a balanced diet filled with good sources of protein, whole grains, essential fatty acids and fresh fruit and vegetables, nuts and seeds.


  1. Avoid overconsumption of alcohol.   If you really want to support your immune system, we need to look at how much alcohol we consume.  Replace alcoholic drinks with water add some lemon or lime, herbal teas and even kombucha.


  1. Vitamin C is such an important and well know vitamin to support the immune system.  Lower dosages are better absorbed, it will also help increase your iron absorption.


  1. 10.  See your Naturopath.  Even if you have become self-isolated you can still have skype, facetime or over the phone consultations.  Products can be delivered and left at your front door if needed.  Keep supporting your family, friends and neighbours.  We are all in this together.