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Health Reset Detox package, 2 weeks. Good for someone who is already healthy wanting to give their body a rest for 2 weeks, perfect after a holiday, Christmas or a celebration.

  • 1 initial consultation-1 hour
  • 1 follow-up consult-40 minutes
  • All detox products
  • Detox book

Usually $370

Package $350 save $20

$200 up front then $75 per week.

Gut Elimination package, 4 weeks-Gut Healing Detox.  Anyone with gut related issues.  

Ideal for someone who has digestion issues such as bloating, bowel issues, irritable bowel syndrome, can also be used for someone who has skin conditions, someone wanting more from a detox then just a quick cleanse.  This detox is gut healing.  The length of the detox is usually 4 weeks however depending on your health it may go longer depending on the outcome we’d like to achieve.

  • Initial consult
  • 2 follow up consults
  • All detox products
  • Detox book
  • Weekly emails

Usually $660

Package $600 save $60

$200 up front and $100 per week

Liver Chemical Clearance-4 weeks.  Ideal for someone with high levels of chemical exposure whether it’s be in a work or home environment.

Very similar to the other detoxes however is very good for someone who may have experienced a much higher chemical exposure then others due to lifestyle habits or living or working circumstances.  This detox has additional antioxidants and liver support for chemical clearance and heavy metal detoxification.

  • Initial consult
  • 2 follow up consults
  • Including products
  • Detox booklet
  • Weekly emails

Usually $710

Package $650 saving $60

$200 up front and $112.50 per week


Medi herb detox-3 weeks-If you’re feeling not quite right or feeling a bit flat.

This is a very safe, simple detox designed to kick-start your return to optimal health and well-being.  Ideal for someone who ‘just doesn’t feel right’, needs a bit more energy, and feeling a bit flat.  This is also an excellent detox when combined with the hair 500 items test for skin conditions such as acne, eczema, and dermatitis.

  • 1 initial consultation
  • 2 follow-up consultations
  • Patient booklet with meal plans and easy recipes
  • 7 detox products to help with the detox process and promote healing

Usually $640

Program $575 saving $65

$200 up front then $125 per week.

Additional add on to any detox program:

  • VLA body composition test-$60
  • Hair test for 500 items $247